Jim Blanchette

actor-writer-director-swell guy
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Height: 5'10"                                                                                                                Theatrical Rep - Linda McAlister Talent
Weight: 280                                                                                                                  310.561.2688
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Dark Brown                                                                                                         Commercial Rep - CESD
Voice: Baritone                                                                                                             310.475.2111


PARENTHOOD                                                    Co-Star                                            NBC/Lawrence Trilling
BAD TEACHER                                                   Co-Star                                            CBS/Matt Sohn
PAIR OF KINGS                                                  Recurring Guest Star                         Disney XD/Leonard R. Garner, Jr.
SWEET SURRENDER                                         Supporting                                        Hallmark/Kevin Connor
(Movie for Television)
THE CLOSER                                                      Guest Star                                        TNT/James Duff
THE MIDDLE                                                     Co-Star                                            ABC/Ken Whittingham
JANE DOE (Movie for Television)                        Supporting                                        Hallmark Channel/Mark Griffiths
THE LOOP                                                         Recurring                                         FOX/Mike Mitchell/Dennie Gordon
LIQUID SOAP (Pilot Presentation)                       Series Regular                                   Angel Ark/Jason Alexander
SCRUBS                                                            Co-Star                                             Touchstone TV/Michael Spiller
OLIVER BEENE                                                Co-Star                                             FOX/Matt Shakman
ANGEL                                                             Co-Star                                             WB/Bill Norton
MY WIFE AND KIDS                                        Co-Star                                             ABC/ Damien Dante Wayans
PASSIONS                                                        Principal                                           NBC
GENERAL HOSPITAL                                      Recurring                                          ABC

THE LITTLE RASCALS SAVE THE DAY        Principal                                           Universal/Alex Zamm
THE DIRTY                                                     Lead                                                 AFI/Robert Konowalow/Lorne Hiltser
HOW TO BE A HITMAN                                  Lead                                                 Scott Hall/Dan Hitt
HAPPY HOLIDAYS                                         Supporting                                         James Ferguson
TWINKLE TOES                                             Lead                                                  Laurence Mark/Keith Milton
SELLING BAIT                                               Lead                                                  Brian Brightly
STAR FORCE                                                  Supporting                                         Newgate Pictures/Cary Howe


THE GRASS WAS NEVER GREENER              He                                                    Write Act Eastside(NYC)/Lisa K Wyatt
A MIDSUMMER’S NIGHT DREAM                  Bottom                                              Write Act Rep (LA)/Jeff Soroka
WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE Edwin Flagg                                      Theatre Under the Stars (Houston)/ David Taylor
DECONSTRUCTING THE TORAH                   The Sperm                                          Odyssey Theatre (LA)/Alexander Stephano
THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF                  Captain Neato-Man                            Jewel Box Theatre/John Lant


DIE GRUPPE                                                   Performer/Director                              Theatre Unleashed/Sketch
THE 3rd FLOOR                                               Troupe Regular                                   Jewel Box Theatre/Sketch
L.A. HEADGAMES                                          Main Company                                   Sketch, Long Form
MINNIE PEARL JAM                                       Founding Member                              Long Form
FORUM, 2ND CITY, SIX FLAGS                     9 shows                                              Children’s
2ND CITY, PLAYERS WORKSHOP                Graduate                                             Improvisational Training


B.A. with Highest Honors: Theater, Speech, French               South Dakota State University
On-Camera Technique: Lisa K Wyatt (current)                       The Garage Acting Workshops
On-Camera Technique: Gregory Franklin                               Professional Actors Gym, Los Angeles
Scene Study: Walter Olkewicz                                                Jewel Box Theatre, Los Angeles
Voice: Julia Carey                                                                   Theater in the Round, Minneapolis


Singing, Dialects (English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Russian, French, Indian), Character Voices, Quilting, Baby Talk

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